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Parker family at Clemson

Cathy, son Collin, daughter Cara, son Kyle, son Kendal, husband Carl) "I'm most proud of my family.  They are, by far, my greatest accomplishment."

Get to know Cathy Parker

She is the author of the book Northern Lights and even has a movie in the process which highlights her amazing God-sized story.  She is married to a coach and like many of you, they have spent their fare share of time at the ballfields while raising their family.  She believes that the impact sports has on the family will either build it up, or tear it down.  This is why she would like to encourage you to use the lessons learned from the ballfield to make a huge impact on your family and world.

Cathy Parker

What others are saying!

Pam Tebow

Mother of Tim Tebow

I count it a privilege to recommend to you my friend Cathy Parker. Cathy has a heart to encourage young athletes and their families, and she knows firsthand the numerous challenges that they face. I refer to her incredible story as a "God story," one that is impossible apart from the power of God. 

For more information contact Cathy at cathy@beyondtheballfield.net or call: (904)347-1474

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